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Measuring the wonders of science

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Non Destructive testing

Non-destructive testing comprises a number of research techniques in materials science, which are intended to give the researcher, designer or manufacturer an impression of the quality of an material, design or object, without damaging this.


At Strain 2 Data we help you to investigate those materials by adding strain gauges, a proven technique that if done right gives a lot of information on loads like bending, torsion, compression, tension and shear forces.


With our high end equipment we can also combine these measurements with other phenomenons like vibration, temperature and calculate the fatigue life, and impact due to creep.


Sensor manufacturing & Bonding servises

We are specialized in measuring in the hardest environments from -269°C till 1038°C and from deep vacuum till 10000barg. 


If we need to measure these strains in ATEX zones we easily can shift to fiber optics. 


And if the sensor doesn’t exist on the market we have the expertise in house to design and manufacture tailored sensors.

We also offer our bonding services on site

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Industrial Internet of Things

As a company we offer a one stop solution from concept till monitoring and data analytics, Our solution makes it possible to harvest data even in the most harsh of environments



We also deliver equipment of our diamont partners.

We are reseller of VPG loadcells, Gantner Instruments, Tasler and Fibos 

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