Strain 2 Data is convinced that Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of business operations on a social, ethical and deontological level. Today, it is impossible to disconnect these aspects from all other business aspects.

Social, ethical and deontological actions as well as safety, health and environmental awareness are a priority for us. We therefore expect all our ambassadors to follow our lead and the  leaders to set an example.

As responsible parties, we will therefore strive to pursue a responsible policy. This goes hand in hand with a safety and environmental policy that leads to continuity and long-term success in profitability for all our customers, partners and suppliers .

Our company cannot afford environmental or material damage to third parties.

Third parties employed by us, subcontractors, partners and suppliers must also bear this deontological thought.


To this end, this will be an important criterion when choosing subcontractors, partners and suppliers. These provisions will form an integral part of our cooperation contracts.


We want to strive for continuous improvement with regard to safety, health and the environment.  We are going to achieve this through personal inspections and through careful analysis of shortcomings both within our organisation and wherever we develop our activities or have potential effects.


We are convinced that this success will prevail in the long term.