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Gantner Instruments Sales Partner

Updated: Jan 13

Have you noticed yet that we are a Gantner Instruments sales partner for? If not: now you know!

Gantner Instruments specializes in precision measurement of mechanical, thermal, and high-voltage quantities. So that's right up our alley. We use their products ourselves in our monitoring-, measuring- and test solutions, and we also distribute their products in Belgium and Luxembourg. Need anything from Gantner? Send us a message!

We will add their products on our website soon, and update you on products and expertise on a regular basis via our blog and LinkedIn.

Also we want to thank our partner for the yummy gift they've sent us for our partnership last year.

⬇️ In this picture you can see the Q.Monixx: the ideal edge computing and data logging solution for reliable process control and asset monitoring. The standard I/O configuration for the Q.monixx includes up to 8 universal analog inputs, 8 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs, 2 relay outputs and 4 serial ports for communication. Want more info or a tech sheet on this product? Let us know!

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