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Unique - in creep fatigue

We are the first company that developed a Fatigue sensor that measures the fatigue from load, temperature, and creep in one sensor solutions. (patented)
This makes it possible to monitor the complete fatigue life cycle and predict when an asset will fail due to cracks, overload, plastic deformation. With our technology we are able to even tell were the crack will occure due to triangulation (second patent).

Data Quality

We don't only manufacture, deliver and install sensors, we also monitor sensor lifetime. Sensors wear out, and data could be deviated or even interrupted. By monitoring them, we can install new ones when needed and guarantee quality and continuity.

Equipment as a Service

For a fixed price per month, we provide and install the sensors, data acquisition and harvest Data and maintain when needed. 

Expertise in Sensors

Our expertise lies in Strain and temperature Sensors for the most  extreme of environments. Just let us know what kind of set-up you're looking for and we'll manufacture the sensor tailored to your needs. (ISO17025)

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