We Create Smart Sensor Networks

Some parameters in industrial processes are unknown, and can possibly be of a large value to the process/business owners. With our sensors and smart sensor networks, we can captivate this data to give insights in these missing links and thus optimize their process.

Sensors as a Service


We do not only deliver and install smart sensor networks, we also monitor sensor lifetime. This means we'll keep you updated if the sensor or data unit needs to be replaced. 

Customer centric


We like to think along with you. With our extensive expertise in the world of strain gauges and all other sensors, we know our way and can help you build the smart sensor network that you need. 

One stop shop


Need one sensor? No problem. Need an entire network? Okay. Need advice? We're here for you. Send us a mail, or give us a call!


What we focus on:

  • self learning algorithms for maintaining our SSN
  • low power consumption
  • exceptionally performance
  • unbeatable signal conditioning


Our networks are applicable everywhere

  • Space
  • Defence
  • Automotive
  • Oil and Gas
  • ...


Our company doesn't exist of robots, but of people.

Our Culture and Environment fosters consensus, integrity, courtesy and humour and promotes enthusiasm, innovation, continuous improvement and efficiency.