We help you to enable your research or NDT project from Study to As built. In the best extraordinary way,  With quality as a spear point.

For example, our staff are all highly trained by professors of the University of Sheffield, and the society of strain measurement. All employees are certified according the NEN-EN-ISO 9712:2012 


We listen which concept, element or design you want to analyse and instrument, we indicate what the possibilities are and advise in the sensor selection.


The industry is going through a new evolution and data is extremely important in

the steps you take to the best possible working model or structure.


Once that choice is set, we ensure a professional installation, with certificate, Track record and Quality Assurance according EN-ISO 17025 and EN-ISO 9100

Spydar CLOUD

It is easy if you can easily keep track of the generated data and quickly consult them.

The data can also be offered per project or stored in a cloud application. (GOOGLE)


If you do not have the necessary equipment to carry out the measurements, you can obtain a acquisition unit via Strain 2 data bv.


Download our request paper, fill it out and mail to us and we will contact you as soon as possible to start a case study.

Environmental Factors Installation EN
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